Advent 3

Hear me, buy me, admire me, worship me, pity me, own me, need me, do me, love me, elect me, trust me, screw me, use me, notice me, hear me. Every hour, every day. Noise! Listen in, listen out, listen now. Insistent and incessant. How do we hear the voice beyond, the voice that needs to be heard? That speaks of cosmic universal things. That speaks of the heart and the soul. That speaks of things that hold and breathe and live beyond the noise.

Strike me dumb, make me deaf, close my lips and ears to the noise, my noise, that hurts my heart and confounds my spirit. The noise which binds and suffocates me, the noise which seduces and distracts me, the noise which grabs and triggers me, the noise which sucks me into pride and anger, self doubt and insecurity.

Stop me.
Still me.
Speak to me.

In the noise God speaks in whispers and dreams but sometimes I cannot hear. Sometimes I need to be stopped and shocked, sometimes, just sometimes, God needs to scream above the pervading, competing voices! Through the noise Zechariah and Mary heard.

Do not fear.
Do not be afraid.
You are blessed.
Be still and hear.
Be silent and hear.
Be present and hear.
You are loved.
You are favoured.
You have purpose.
Are you listening?
Can you hear?
Are you willing?

Speak loudly God, in the song of Angels, in the poetry of prophets, in the truth of children, in the touch of the lover, in the rhythms of the blood and the breath, in the wind and the water, in the eyes of creation, in the kiss of the spirit.

I will not fear,
I will not hide,
I will not flee,
I will listen.
I can hear.
I am willing.

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