Beauty (as proverbs says) is fleeting. At least if our understanding of beauty is based only on looks and outward appearance it is. But ‘true’ beauty is a wonderful thing, it shakes the spirit, causes every part of you to fly, to spin and wonder. Beauty is in the play of a child and the sacrifice of a parent, the hand of a friend and the fingertip touch of a lover. Beauty flows from the undefended, from the innocent and the vulnerable. Beauty sparkles in a deep smile, but also in the freedom of tears. Beauty is life lived without pretence, where one is invited in to the whole person. Where joy and pain are shared with generosity and honesty. Beauty is in the passionate kiss and the desperate embrace. Beauty is in an unguarded glance and an open heart. Beauty is in the singer and the dancer who does not need an audience. Beauty is in the fighter, the survivor, the one who will not give up. Beauty is in the struggle to live and the spiritual quest. Most of all I think beauty is in the one who sees and celebrates the beauty in others before their own.

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