soaking streets, polished by the evening rain to reflect the lamplight tone. drawing me in solar hue, passed cars running with trails of clarity down tinted glass. on, following behind the rain, breathing the nature smells, the trees and grass, lavender, reaching to me through the pavements drenching. my feet move through, through the gaps where there is no resistance to my walk. buildings shade the sky against the deep violet, domes and towers block the light of night. I am aware of the people still and stiff watching my walk, but I see no faces. they stand and then they fade as I walk on. but there are some who I see and who stay, those who have committed to me and those I have promised. they are always there, even as they sleep. their colours tint the streets and I feel their presence in the glowing heart. green flows with the stream as the new day shifts the view and I walk on, toward.

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