Advent 25

The time of change speeds on the desert wind, over the Jordan water and the surface of the great lake, across the heights and through the valleys. Those that can hear, listen its voice is loud. Those that can feel, sense it filling the air with energy. It is there in the coming together of the great lights of the east.

It is calling a new way into life, a way which will flood the dry plains and nourish the world beyond these shores. Men will use it and abuse it for their own greed and power, they will use it to murder culture and destroy innocents. But they are not the true hosts of the new. The change will call the lovers and the children, the fragile and the meek, the martyr and the peacemaker. It will honour the ordinary for it begins in the womb of the ordinary. It will bless the powerless, the small and the humble who carry its name and its purpose.

It will witness the Temples fall and the Priests fail in the face of the child. It will see empires rise in power and collapse in disgrace. It will see dynasties descend into corruption and democracies become the plaything of the rich.

It will speak one name, a simple name that will endure despite those who speak it in hate and lie. It is a name of wonder and humility, of King and servant, Teacher and friend. It is the name spoken in the night by angels and the desperate alike.

The change is coming, always coming. Yesterday, today and forever.

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