You in your box and I in mine,

I see you, I judge you,

You are not the same as me over there in your box.

I can dismiss you as an idiot, an arse or worse, because I need never know you. I need never know the way you think or feel.

I have only a second to decide, do I offer you me? Do I chose to know and be known? Or do I add to the thickness of your box, and further mark the gap?

It depends on how I feel this moment! Do I have space to share my space, do I have room for another? Do I want somebody to love or somebody to fight? Do you draw out my insecurities or make me feel powerful?

I sit and lean back, the moment has passed. You are no longer here. Did I just miss someone significant or was your moving on a blessing, could we have built together, or would we have torn ourselves apart? But that future, whatever it might have become, has passed by in the next lane oblivious. A lover, a friend, a brother, a rock, I will never know?

If I could say one thing to you, in this moment. If I could speak my soul to you it would say this.

Next time indicate!

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