When she looked she saw the same old view,

Different faces, even different places,

But still the same.

Still the same.

The breath inside her drove up and out in a sad exhalation,

Unplanned, unconscious, unthinking,

disappointingly irresistible.

Again they told her things have changed,

Its a brand new world, glitter strewn and crisp.

Whatabout, they said, remember when.

But she saw nothing fresh,

she looked hard, so hard,

there it was, not what she wanted to see, but there.

But we dreamed, she cried, we hoped,

You claimed to be on our side, we stood together.

Be patient, you said, the time will come.

But when?

But when?

I can’t write today…

I can’t write today,

I want to, I feel I should have something to say,

but everytime I try,

there too many shouts, too many voices that cry,

my head is saturated,

my brain and my spirit over stimulated,

depth is so hard to find,

when the day has filled and flooded my mind,

I’ve made mistakes,

pressed down the accelerator instead of the brakes,

I’ve spoken out of turn,

when my place was to hear and then to learn,

But the day has been rich,

Full of wisdom, ideas and thoughts which,

leave me struggling for something to say,

So, I’m sorry the truth is I can’t write today.