A tree by the water

In the rushing flood may my feet dig deep and find purchase.
May the bite of the stones into my soul waken my senses.
Bend my knees that I may not be an obstacle to the flow.
Give me strength to stand and become one with the waters,
Give me balance that I would not be cast aside.
Wash me not away but strip me of my mess.
Help my flailing hands find the hands of others,
That we might stand strong together.
That we might be the roots of a tall tree,
A tree that dips it’s branches in the waters,
And grows into a home for the small and weak.
When the waves still and the floods settle,
May the water swell rich fruits and paint vivid colours.
Twist us as one toward the light of heaven,
And bind us deep into the earth.
May our shadow be a place of healing,
And all those who rest in it find love.

(inspired by Revelation 22)

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