the stream

Given time a stream cuts deep, slicing into the hardest rock. No need for heat or cold, no need for tools or explosives, no need to rush at change. The caressing current, wears away at imperfections and weaknesses, smoothing, shaping, carving, creating glistening shapes. Down and down through the layers of the years, through all that has become attached and grown. Melting away at the outer coats and stripping back the shell, slowly, gently exposing the colour and texture of innocent days and sweet memories. Pouring down vast funnels into inner places and hidden hearts, washing, quenching, stirring. On it tumbles polishing beauty back in to the worn and dirty, spewing its load out into the ocean where it binds and births life and land for others yet to be. Time slows and water flows, rest and watch. Change is happening.

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