Advent 6

“Strengthen weary hands, make firm the feeble knees”

The morning after the day before feels so numb,
What felt so definite, so certain,
feels like a fist of a hole,
torn from the heart of the soul.
All that had been is gone,
The day ahead full of questions,
The voices of the Angels that sang in the night are now gone,
Their song like a dream at the edge of the dawn.
We share a look, a saturated look,
a flooded look.
We want to feel the joy,
but it’s hard to grasp,
it lies deep encased in fear, uncertainty and questions…
So many questions!
We wept the fullest tears possible.
We gripped each other as the sun rose.
Just to feel as the day began.
To know the cut of skin and bone.
To share solid reality,
To break the doubt.
Outside the light is spreading through the town that watches,
seeping through the streets.
What was sure and solid in the dark seems to melt with the morning.
Our resolve in danger of being taken by the tide.
The Angels sang of promise,
words we knew from the Prophet,

“the desert shall blossom and burst into song
and streams will flow in the wilderness.”

They called the name, “Immanuel” into the space where he will grow.
They told of love and joy and freedom.
Words that meant so much,
but now we face the day, they seem so strange.
Today, we need to know.
We need to stand, we need to walk.
We need to hold on to each other.
Today the questions start, not just our own
In the night there were messengers,
right now we need to know the Source,
if we are to face the flood, if we are to see the flowers bloom.
Today we begin to sing our song,
whatever that will mean.

“Strengthen weary hands, make firm the feeble knees”

Isaiah 35

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