Advent 10

Today we must begin a new living.  A living that embraces whatever it encounters, a living that refuses to conform, refuses to be ‘normal’. It will energetically embrace it’s beautiful uniqueness and be the life God’s given us whatever that may be.

It will leap with yelps of joy into the river, and swim.  Swim like swimming is breath itself. It will dance upon the sand and dirt with colourful abandon, to melody unwritten and songs that do not rhyme.

This is a day to celebrate a future we don’t yet know, and trust it will be ours alone and it will be amazing.  Yes, there will be rocks, we will get cut, we will be bruised. But we can take no other stream, or dance to another’s tune.

May we be blessed by difference, by the quirky and the crazy, the colourful and awkward, the things that don’t fit in.  May we be blessed by those we play with, and those we need to fight.  May we be blessed by outcasts and those without a voice.  May we welcome those who challenge us to live this life we’re given, and those who show us how to live a life that’s unrestricted.

Today, we breathe, and dance, and play, and swim. Today we chose to live the life that leads us who knows where.

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