Advent 11

This season we remember women.

Women, not unusual, not different or strange.
not special, peculiar, not even unique,
They did not wear the clothes of men, or use men’s tools and words,
They simply spoke as women speak and stood as women stand.
One hundred years ago they marched, they cried and even died,
Just to be heard as women, nothing more and nothing less.
‘Just’ women, incredible, powerful, ordinary women.

This season we celebrate women.

The mothers, the sisters, the lovers.
The workers, the leaders, the speakers.
The carers, the holders, the healers.
The teachers, the builders, the makers.
The artists, the poets, the players
The priests, the prophets, the seers.
The women with faith, who speak and change life.
The women who take up the call that they hear,
The women who trust who they are, what they have.
The women who carry the future for all,
who bear the load that others can not,
The women who know they are blesséd,
who redefine strength and beauty and love,
and offer it back to the world.

The season we thank God for all women.


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